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Max Sutherland's book is written for advertisers, agencies & consumers.

Used by students of marketing, advertising, journalism and mass communications.
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What's Unique?

Conclusions from tracking the effects of many hundreds of ad campaigns continuously, week by week, over a period of nearly 15 years in America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. Ad campaigns for companies like Gillette, Campbells Soup, McDonalds, AT&T, General Motors, Kodak, Shell and Qantas.

Draws on academic research into communication psychology and buyer behavior but reduces the 'fog index' to make the findings clearer and more actionable.

This is what readers say.

Dr. Max Sutherland is an independent marketing psychologist and consultant in the U.S.A. and Australia, a regular columnist for trade publications and Adjunct Professor of marketing at Bond University.

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What the Experts Say

Review by Images & Words in NZ Business, March 2009

"Breakthrough thinking. I have been consulting in the advertising business and have taught graduate level advertising courses for over 20 years. I have never found a book that brought so much insight to the advertising issues associated with effective selling." Professor Larry Chiagouris, Pace University

"This is a well-informed and engagingly written description of the processes involved in the communication of advertising. It does not share the problems of advertising text books, which are generally superficial as well as being invariably out-of-date. Nor is it one of those populist works that receive a wide sale by propagating over-simple theories." John Philip Jones, Author of "When Ads Work" and Professor of Marketing Syracuse University.

Your book does the best job that I have seen to date of melding expert opinion and research. And your book gets great reviews, as it should. Thanks for writing it. I am citing it heavily in my forthcoming book "Persuasive Advertising" (Palgrave Macmillan). J. Scott Armstrong, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School.

This book is essential reading for advertising, marketing and communication professionals, but it will also be fascinating to consumers. It is based on many years of continuously tracking the effects of promotional expenditures, internationally. It is a wonderful exploration of the process of advertising and promotion - what works and what doesn't, and perhaps more importantly, how it works. Never have the effects of advertising been so comprehensively examined through empirical information. John Wigzell. Consultant. Fellow of The Market Research Society (UK)

"Puts the psyche of advertising on the analyst's couch to reveal the sometimes surprising mind of commercial persuasion." Jim Spaeth, Former President, Advertising Research Foundation.

"It is 'un-put-downable' reading, a gold mine of ideas and factual evidence. You managed to strike a happy mean between ivory-tower academism and oversimplification. It is damn provocative. . Sparkled many ideas in my mind." Alexander Repiev. Advertising World Columnist, President, Mekka Advertising, and Associate Professor, International Institute of Advertising, Moscow, Russia.

"I learned a lot from the book, while thoroughly enjoying it. It has much to offer for both the novice and the experienced advertising person. Insights about the advertising process are backed up with many examples of real advertising, research monitoring hundreds of advertising campaigns around the world, and a wide variety of academic research. Amazingly, all this is combined in a delightful writing style that entertains while it teaches." Alan Sawyer, Professor of Marketing University of Florida.

"A thought-provoking and practical book on how ads work and how advertising campaigns can be most effectively managed that also contains many useful ideas for achieving more effective advertising campaigns." Professor John Rossiter University of Wollongong Co-author of Marketing Communications: Theory & Applications.

"Consumer Communication Effectiveness is the first and last goal of all advertising, the authors' unique perspective gives you an added insight into developing a winning communication edge - a must-read for marketers!!" Paul Kennedy, Former President, Australian Association of National Advertisers.

"If you have to read one business book this year, let this be the one. This book is a gem because it reveals the secrets of effective advertising gleaned from years of sophisticated advertising research. It should be on every manager's bookshelf." Lawrence Ang, Senior Lecturer in Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

"Essential reading for all practitioners and everyone interested in how advertising works. In a new knowledge world, no one can afford to ignore the assets contained in these pages." John Zeigler, DDB Worldwide.

"In a time when the gloss of new media often detracts from the importance of the message, it successfully and succinctly refocussed our attention on the core issue - how to create effective communications." Pat Williams, Williams Media Audits.

"Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer strips away the mystery that surrounds the black art of advertising in a sensible and readily comprehensible way." Stan Glaser, former Professor of Management, Macquarie University.

This book manages to bring the two sides of practice and theory together masterfully. Stephen Holden. Bond University, Australia.

“A very stimulating, provocative, and interesting book, A gold mine of practical and memorable advertising findings.” Professor Shelby McIntyre, Santa Clara University

"A 'must read' for all brand marketers. For anyone involved in making ads, this book gives a simple explanation of what happens in people's heads when they are exposed to advertising. I have used the book's principles over and over again when teaching the basics of advertising management to young brand marketers." Melissa Richardson Marketing Educator and Consultant, Australia.

"Finally, a book that evades the 'magic' of advertising and pins down the psychological factors that make an ad succesful or not. It will change the way you advertise and see ads." Ignacio Oreamuno, President ""