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What's Unique?

Conclusions from tracking the effects of many hundreds of ad campaigns continuously, week by week, over a period of nearly 15 years in America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. Ad campaigns for companies like Gillette, Campbells Soup, McDonalds, AT&T, General Motors, Kodak, Shell and Qantas.

Draws on academic research into communication psychology and buyer behavior but reduces the 'fog index' to make the findings clearer and more actionable.

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Dr. Max Sutherland is an independent marketing psychologist and consultant in the U.S.A. and Australia, a regular columnist for trade publications and Adjunct Professor of marketing at Bond University.

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Eight Language Editions

Published in English, Dutch, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Bahasa Indonesian, Cantonese, Romanian.

In the USA, Canada, Australasia and South East Asia, Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer is published by Allen & Unwin. It is distributed in USA by Independent Publishers Group (IPG) Chicago, Illinois.

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Turkey: published in Turkish by Kapital Medya.

PRC: published in Peoples Republic of China by World Affairs Press.

Indonesia: published in Bahasa Indonesian by Gramedia

Korea: published in the Korean language in the first edition by Kyung Mun Sa Publishing Co, DRT International, Seoul.

Europe: Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer is published in:

English by Kogan Page, 120 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JN. U.K. Buy from Amazon UK

Dutch by Samson

Polish by Polish Scientific Publishers

Romanian by Polirom Publishing House