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What's Unique?

Conclusions from tracking the effects of many hundreds of ad campaigns continuously, week by week, over a period of nearly 15 years in America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. Ad campaigns for companies like Gillette, Campbells Soup, McDonalds, AT&T, General Motors, Kodak, Shell and Qantas.

Draws on academic research into communication psychology and buyer behavior but reduces the 'fog index' to make the findings clearer and more actionable.

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Dr. Max Sutherland is an independent marketing psychologist and consultant in the U.S.A. and Australia, a regular columnist for trade publications and Adjunct Professor of marketing at Bond University.

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What is Neuromarketing?

Brain_scannerThe scientific dream of being able to peer into the human brain is possible today through new brain scanning technologies. Brain wave recording devices have been available for decades but now they can pinpoint more precisely which regions are active as people respond to products or make brand choices or are exposed to advertisements.

Marketing’s use of these new devices has been called ‘neuromarketing’. Yet it is really just an extension of the use of pupilometers, galvanic skin response, eye tracking, voice stress analysis and earlier brain wave measures – each heralded in its time as a revolutionary breakthrough.

Despite hype by consultants offering these earlier technologies, none of them ever really found widespread, lasting use in marketing (although eye tracking has carved out a small niche). There is a lot of hype about neuromarketing also- particularly in the press where reporting all too often outstrips the scientific substance.

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